Roof textures go missing in 2014

06-05-2014 11:40 PM
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I've been using 2012 until now.

When I open my scene in 2014 the aerial photo is still shown on my terrain but it is no longer projected onto the roofs of my buildings - my other building textures are still ok.

He's an image that shows how I have my workspace set up - this works in 2012.
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I'm not sure what this could be. But probably a tiny change in CGA.

For CE2014, please create a new Workspace, that's highly recommended.

Then, print the texture name in the code which textures your roofs to see if the code actually assigns the texture and just the projection is wrong.

Let me know ..

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So it seems I can no longer have my projects set up as shown in my original post - it seems rule files must now be in the same project as any file they reference.  So I have two choices:

1] I copy my library of facade images and my rule file into every project --- nope.

2] I move my aerial photos and DTMs, which are specific to each project, into my 'Libraries' folder --- ok, but seems illogical captain.

Not a big problem for me to adapt to this, it means I'll no longer have wierd cross-references in my rule file so they'll be a bit easier to understand......but why can't we be free?
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I want to get another minor gripe about 2014 off my chest:

Previously in 2012 if you hit generate it would generate according to the rule file as it stands.

Now in 2014 it uses the last saved version of the rule file - so if you are testing rules there are lots additional tedious ctrl-s button presses, and lots of "why isn't this doing anything" followed by "oh flip, I forgot to save it" or "darn-it, I accidentally saved the scene instead of the rule file".
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