Roads/Streets Rule Files?

01-15-2015 12:32 PM
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Are there any rule files out there for roads that are better than the Esri Simple and Standard Street Rule Files as well as the Redlands Example StreetConstruction rule file? Both of these rule files have major limitations for my purposes:

The Esri rule files do not have parking or medians

The Redlands Example rule file doesn't work - parked cars are ending up on sidewalks, crosswalks do not generate, there is a second curbstep that completely interferes with custom sidewalk textures, they're all European (no American street markings available), etc.

I need a simple rule file for roads that can generate centerlines into streets with crosswalks, simple sidewalks capable of adding custom textures within the rule files, and parallel parking. My Python skills are very limited. I can pretty much only read what has been created and add a few things here or there, or else I'd just create my own rule file.

Does anyone know if such a rule file I just described exists? If so, where can I find it?

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The new complete streets rule should cover everything you need

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Hi Kathryn,

I made the complete streets rule that Julia linked to you. If you want to provide feed back on the rule please feel free to post in the Discussion Thread here.

I am open to questions you may have or can help you deal with problems you may encounter. I would like to believe the street rule I made can meet some of your needs or give you someplace to start.

Kind Regards,
David Wasserman

PS: I not only do custom sidewalks, but crosswalks too. 😃05.Complete_Street_Corridor.png

David Wasserman, AICP