Pipe in Manhole "rule of the week" example

02-26-2017 10:13 AM
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I was wondering how the pipes in the Manhole example were made?, are they imported from BIM software?, is there a rule?

I've been trying to set up a rule for that, the best I can do is with an imported cylinder (attached file) , but it doesnt work that well

Also, are there any examples of cga rule application for sewerage or water installations, that could actually be helpful for engineer or contractors?


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When the faces are triangulated like that it's usually imported.

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Hi Felix,

Good question, perhaps I in addition to a rule this week, I will do a little piece on making pipes as well. In this case I used "Layer 3D to Feature Class" to convert pipe symbols on lines into multipatch geometry. That was imported into CityEngine, and then just colorized with a rule. Alternately you could use "3D Buffer" to create pipes from lines as another option. There are some new geometric primitives available in CE that came out in 2016. I'll spend some time playing with them to see if I can get you a pipe rule as an example.

Eric Wittner