Orientate point to line

08-13-2013 02:25 AM
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If I have a point feature that sits on a linestring is there some way I can rotate the point so it is orientated to the segment of the line upon which it sits? 

i.e. so I can import gantry objects at known points over a railway or road without having to rotate them manually.

(actually, in an ideal world, if a point sits on a linestring vertex I would like it to be rotated half-way between the angle of the two segments either side of the point.)

Maybe this is a question for the python forum....?
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That can not be solved with CGA since CGA starts with a given shape. Shape-Shape interactions cannot be done with CGA.

Either, you'd have to use Python or preprocess the data in ArcGIS / FME.

Note that points have no orientation and that CE creates little rectangular shapes, which are oriented in XZ ( XY in GIS terminology ) coordinates - means along the world axes. So I'd recommend you work with all the rotation values preprocessed.

Let me know if you're an ArcGIS user or not. If not, I could help with Python.

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