Occlusion don't seem to work

11-10-2020 06:49 AM
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Hi I have a occlusion issue, that I haven’t noticed before. It’s a very simple rule with some simple tree crowns, I need them to go away, when they touch a building. Although they clearly touch a building, they are not going to NIL. If I move the tree a bit, and undo the movement, then it works, but I can only do it manually. It doesn’t matter if I update the seed, regenerate or generate the buildings before the trees. Only if a tree crown hits two buildings at the same time, it seems to work, or if I manually move it and undo

Has anyone else experienced that behavior in CE 2020?


Start -->

case Z < 2.5 : NIL
else :
primitiveSphere(Detail, Detail, crownWidthRatio)
s('1,case Z < 3 : Z/2 else : CrownHeight,'1)

Start2(CrownY) -->
case touches : NIL
   else :

FilterAway(CrownY) -->

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I can't seem to reproduce your problem.  The occlusion part of your tree code above works for me if I test it against a simple extruded shape created by another rule.  Note that the sphere is being tested against the building when the sphere is on the ground level (which maybe you intended).  Would it be possible to attach a scene file where you encounter the problem?

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