not all textures are exported to GDB

05-04-2017 07:30 PM
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I created a textured 3D building model in CityEngine with wall/ window images, and exported the model to Esri FileGDB. The result only has window texture somehow regardless how big the data is (tried with a high-rise and low-rise buildings). 

Does anyone know what possibly went wrong...? it looked fine in CE. 

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Thank you for the question. It is hard to tell why the facade textures are not showing up. Please provide more information:

  1. Are the textures also not showing, when re-importing to CityEngine?
  2. When you do an export to e.g. OBJ, are the wall textures missing also?
  3. What is the image format of the textures?
  4. In the model, do you use multiple attributes? attribute—Esri CityEngine | ArcGIS Desktop
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