Non-rectangular terrain

11-24-2013 09:28 AM
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I'm trying to create my terrain in CityEngine. I'm using TIFF files for the heightmap and the texture of my terrain. However, a little part of the images are defined as No Data (because I'm missing a part of the Aerial photo that I want to use for the texture of my terrain), so they are not rectangular anymore. When I create my terrain the No Data part is shown black. However, I want to hide this part. The files have the same extent. 

In other words: I want to create a terrain which is not rectangular. Is this possible?
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CityEngine only supports rectangular, raster-based terrains.

In the upcoming version, 2013, we'll treat differently ( not black ). 🙂

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If you're able to edit the alpha channel of your tiff and set the no data part to transparent City Engine will display it as white which you may find preferable to black (still not transparent though).

Or if you're editing the image you could just paint the no-data part white, or green if it's likely to be grass.
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