merge failed when exporting models

01-03-2019 01:32 PM
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Hello, I want to export a road layer to a model. However, there was always a error with one polygon. If I chose "no texture", I could successfully exported the model; but when it came to texture, it failed. The error polygon was a very big polygon, which contained many small polygons.

The error code:

1316 : ERROR 'Shape' OID '9ba26e04-1e90-11b2-9c77-0096347fd482'
Generate errors:
Internal error: unspecified error: prt::generate failed, exception caught: 'Merge failed : Vertex (-nan(ind), -nan(ind), 0) not found in octree.'

I don't know where I got wrong and didn't know what these codes stood for....

Does anyone know? Thanks very much!

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