mac OS Catalina and CityEngine

11-01-2019 01:33 AM
Esri Contributor

Dear Mac Users

A few weeks ago Apple released mac OS Catalina. We would like to remind you, that CityEngine 2019.1 is not supported on Catalina at the moment. Catalina support is planned for 2020.0.

CityEngine 2019.1 system requirements—Esri CityEngine | Documentation 

Reason for this message is a feedback from a user who upgraded and ran into problems with dashboards using CE 2019.0 and 2019.1. 

Have a good day.


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Mac Issues just went from bad to worse.

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Agree with you Devin - they're pretty bad at the moment.Lets hope CityEngine 2020 shows some improvement.

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Been using the 2020 Beta on Mac and most issues have been addressed.

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Does that include being able to see maps in the Get Map Data… dialogue window? It has been explained to me that that is a Mac OS Catalina related issue as well.

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