Looking for SubdivideShapesSettings python examples

11-21-2016 06:03 PM
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I was wondering if someone could share some python code examples where the "SubdivideShapesSettings" is used to create custom lots, beyond the native "recursive", "offset", and "skeleton" types.  Thank you.


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After some experimentation, these are my discoveries on how this works:

- A shape named "My Shape" looses its name after running subdivision.  It becomes "unnamed".

- All the subdivided shapes are named "My Shape".

- The original shape is no longer in the scene, but the vertices of the original shape are still there.

  Seems the original shape is replaced by its subdivisions.

It also looks like the SubdivideShapesSettings has the same set params as Block Parameters, and operates

on shapes instead of blocks, and does the same thing as setting block attributes.

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