Importing OBJ/DAE to shapes

10-24-2017 04:48 AM
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Hi all,

Is it possible to bring sketch up file into building parcels/ footprint. Intention is to populate building over a set of parcels randomly. I have shape file of building foorprint and diffferent sketchup model for buildings, all i want is to populate these model buildings into building footprint.


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Hi Abhishek Sobbana

Thank you for this great question.

For your use case, the CityEngine team has made the Example Instance City 2016.0 

The Instance City Example contains four scenes that apply rules to instance pre-modeled building assets.

  • The first scene comes with a street-network generated in CityEngine, and
  • The second scene shows a city in space on a subdivision surface. The provided instancing rules distribute pre-modeled building assets according to their size while maintaining their original scale.  
  • The third scene shows how buildings can be instanced along a curved street.  
  • The fourth scene showcases improvements made in 2016.0 to the innerRectangle function allowing better placement of building assets in parcels.
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