I am trying to setup my Firewall for accessing AGOL through City Engine 2019.0

06-28-2019 12:51 AM
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I am currently using Sophos UTM 9 and have created an exception for the following sites within Web Protection > Filtering Options


The same issue occurs when using 2017.1 as well.

As soon as i turn off a proxy on a client computer, access goes through fine and the sign in box appears.

With the proxy on, the log throws up the following:

Trying to execute the disabled command com.esri.agol.commands.signInCommand (NotEnabledException) - [main]

with the com.esri.agol plug-in at fault

Because of this, i also can't access the Python Console as that requires internet access as well

Any ideas anyone?

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Hi Mark

A colleague of mine had a look at this. At the moment it is unclear to us whether this is a problem on the CE or the proxy side. Next step would be that I connect you to my colleague as he needs more information about the config of sophos.  

In case you want to proceed with this, please provide an email address where we can contact you directly. 

As soon as we were able to solve the problem (or identify it as a third party issue) we will provide an anonymised summary here on geonet.

Thank you 


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Hi Christian,

have you solved the problem on your side?

Thank you.

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Christian Iten‌ I will be glad to know if you have been able to solve your problem. Thank you.


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Hi Jean-Daniel

With "As soon as we were able to solve the problem" i was referring to your issue. So next step would be that you provide us with more information on the configuration of your sophos installation. We recommend to share this info not in this thread but directly via email.

Please provide an email address where we can contact you directly.

thank you