How to make lines be imported as shapes in city engine as opposed to streets so I can make them tubes?

08-06-2019 01:10 PM
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I have been struggling with making power-lines in city engine. I have the Poles which are points and I have converted to good pylons. For the Powerline I have the Line feature but i cant seem to just insert a powerline collada model using the i(powerline.dae) to the lines so i can set them on top of the pylons. @CLau-esristaff @CIten-esristaff @TFuchs-esristaff

I have converted the street to shape and inserted the colllada but it is scaled wrongly.

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It looks like your asset could be resized with s()assetInfo() might also be useful to know the original asset's dimensions.

s operation—CGA | ArcGIS 

assetInfo function—CGA | ArcGIS 

Alternatively, you could try to use the rule ESRI.lib/rules/Fences/Fence_On_Graph.cga and tell it to use your own assets for the pole and powerline.  This rule file can be applied to street shapes.  I imagine you would want something similar to the Rope_Fence style.

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