How to define the street side to do the setbacks in static shapes?

06-28-2012 03:47 PM
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- How can we make the City Engine recognize the street sides in order to define the front part (the frontal setbacks) of the lot?
- In the same search, how can we define that the lot has two frontal sides in order to produce two frontal setbacks with a value different from the others setbacks?

Lets explain:

We are working with a static shape of lots, imported as "shape file" from ArcGis.
We observed that when the City Engine produces the lots as blocks, he defines the "street side" and the "nostreetside" (dynamic block).
This definition of streets side doesn´t happen when we have a static lot. But we need to define the street sides so when can to the setbacks with different values.

Can anybody help us?!

Thanks! 😉
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hi !

select the edge by double clicking.
then go to Shapes > Set Street Edges

notice that this way, object attributes are created with the street width of 1 !
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I have many, many parcels. Is there a way less manual way to assign 'streetside' to the edges?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!


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