How to add python modules and packages?

11-04-2016 07:15 PM
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What is the recommended way to add python modules and packages?

For example, there is a package called "numberjack".  Typically I would do "pip install numberjack"

with regular python.  Not sure how to do that with cityengine.



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is the ce version of python conda managed?  The only concern would be whether the module works with your current python and whether it wants to change dependencies to other modules.  have a good look a that, and if it is pretty separate and doesn't modify and current files you should be fine.

check the homepage What is Numberjack? | Numberjack 

and github  GitHub - eomahony/Numberjack: Python Combinatorial Optimisation Platform  since there seem to be othe things that you need to do as well

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CityEngine comes with a version of Python that has been ported to Java, therefore it cannot easily be extended with external packages. Some Python modules, like numberjack, have required components in C. These won't work.
There is no official support for adding extensions to CityEngine Python.

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