How to add attributes on the model

03-09-2014 06:27 AM
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I have imported a model into the scene.I have some attributes about this model.How to add these on the model.
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I have achieved to add attributes on the model.But i have come across another problem.I want to show a picture about the model when i click it.I put the picture under the folder.However,the pane don't work correctly.[ATTACH=CONFIG]32077[/ATTACH]could you tell me how to set the src?
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I am not 100% sure, but I think you need to place your photo on server, you can use google drive and copy the image location
for instance it will look like that : "http://www.googledrive/my_photo.jpg" and then you need to add the whole code to attribute :

<iframe height="405" width= "600" src="http://www.googledrive/my_photo.jpg" ></iframe>

You should check Carl's Blog :

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You can right click and select add attributes to the attribute panel on the CityEngine.
Or you can delete it same way.
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