How integrate ArcMap with CityEngine?

08-29-2014 12:09 PM
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Hi guys,

Someone know how integrate ArcMap with CityEngine? I have use a ArcMap to capture a specify location (São Paulo, Brasil) and I need to export the terrain to CityEngine.....

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Hi Daniel,

If you have a terrain ( DEM in GIS ) and an aerial image ( like ortophoto or satellite image in GIS) you could export them as .IMG for terrain and .TIF or .PNG the aerial to be able to use them in CityEngine.

Also, the aerial image resolution must be below 4000x4000 and to be 32-bit. ( You can do this when you export from ArcMap ).

For tutorials check CityEngine youtube page (CityEngine Tutorials - YouTube ) and the HelpManual ( CityEngine Help  )

Good luck !


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