How do I Integrate Google Earth 3D buildings and landscape into CityEngine models

08-01-2015 05:28 PM
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Is there a way to integrate the extensive Google Earth generated 3D buildings and landscape into a CityEngine model?  I would like to either:

1. take a Google Earth 3D area and add CityEngine model to it, or

2. add Google Earth 3D area into a CityEngine model.

The combination of the two can create some great models for urban planning options analysis.  We have Google Earth generated layer for out city and we would like to incorporate it in to our models if possible including elevation.

For example, it would be great to be able to define a polygon area for an existing subdivision or golf course and drop in the Google Earth model within the polygon in the CityEngine model.



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Hello Bruce,

Do you mean Google's streaming building content?  If so, then there is no way that I know of of extracting that data and using it in a non-Google 3D modeling system and I believe that doing so is a violation of their terms of service.

If you mean KMZ/Collada models, such as those in the Trimble 3D Warehouse, then you can typically import those into CityEngine directly and ArcGIS Pro using GP tools. 

What do you mean by having a Google Earth generated layer for your city?


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Thanks for quick response and info Chris.

Yes, I am familiar with the Trimble 3D Warehouse and have used it.

I did actually mean the Google "streaming building/landscape content". 

With the "agreement" between Esri and Google for Earth and Maps,  I was hoping that some of this capability to access the generated stream would be available to leverage generated building/landscape stream in Esri models.  I think that being able to integrate "polygons of the streamed Google Earth content" (eg. existing golf course, existing sub-division) could really speed-up and enhance the CityEngine integration capability for Urban planning alternatives analysis.



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With the 3D layer for terrain on, I would like to use Google Earth without the 3D buildings as the base for importing the CityEngine content into a defined polygon, and have the area outside the polygon have the 3D buildings turned on.  This would allow us to see the cityengine model without the current buildings showing through.  I was hoping by now that someone might be able to do this as the CityEngine models could look so much better surrounded by Google Earth 3D buildings.