how can street network fit terrain well

08-23-2013 02:22 AM
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Original User: qingyang

  I know that there are some manners to fit terrain,such as "align graph to terrain","align shape to terrain","align terrain to shape".But the manners don't work well.Firstly I use align graph to terrain,then using align shape to terrain. Is there anything wrong? Or I miss some steps. What's more, does CE have other ways to deal with the situation or need other software help such as ArcMap?
  blocks have the same problem.
  My terrain comes from DEM. Precision is 30m.
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Original User: JCLentine

There are some settings for align terrain to shapes, changing how far up and down it will adjust the terrain, try playing with settings there.  Also, does the terrain clip through shapes at all zoom levels?  They could be perfectly aligned and just be seeing what's called "Z-fighting" even though cityengine is supposed to be Y up I think.
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I have the same problem, and it seems that the "align graph to terrain" processing only aligns junctions to the terrain, not shapes (this needs to be confirmed). So, if this is true, in many situations, the terrain will overlay the street networks.
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Original User: matthiasbuehler


In both cases ( street graphs and static shapes ), CE only projects the vertices to the terrain.

Dynamic shapes ( produced by the Dynamic Steet Layouts systems ), means Block Subdivision Shapes and Street Shapes can not be projected that way since they are dynamic. Dynamic Shapes have an alignment parameter in the Block Subdivision settings.

Please watch tutorial videos 1 - 5. All this is explained there.

Ok ?

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