how can I view .3VR file without using Gear VR

12-22-2016 05:32 AM
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I have exported my 3D scene to have a .3VR file, but how can i view this VR on my PC

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CityEngine 2016.1 release notes—Esri CityEngine | ArcGIS Desktop indicates...

A 3VR file needs to be published on ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise, where it can be accessed with a dedicated web or mobile viewer app.

or as you already know  Exporting and Publishing of 360 vr.... 

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Hello Dan,

Thanks for your reply and request you to kindly suggest on the kind of web application or mobile viewer app, and their available on ArcGIS platform or some other third party.

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Currently, ArcGIS 360 VR is only available for Samsung’s Gear VR. Support for other mobile VR platforms is under consideration. We are working on supporting other platforms such as the browser. However, the premium use case for 3VR are VR applications.

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