How can I set the extend in get data map?

01-28-2018 04:57 PM
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I wanna start exploring this application and the problem is that i can not set the extend parameter. I  can set the parameters about resolution quiality, but I can't set the extend parameter because the button "doesn't works", I dont know if something is wrong with the application. I saw in a video tutorial that when you click on the "set extend" buttom, inmediatly appear a square that allows set the extend, but in my case that square doesn't appear, even i can not change the values typing by my self

I'm using a trial version. 


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Hello Diego

If you cannot see the rectangle after setting the extend, please try to zoom out.

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I have the same problem, I tried to zoom out but nothing happen. I used leftShift +  left mouse key and a red selection appears but it is not the selection I need. Is there another way to do the selection?

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I got a similar problem on 2017 version . For me the problem was the Coordinate System - Check here get map data ok box greyed out 

Which version are you using and what the Coordinate System used?

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