How can I create the two shape build ?

11-19-2012 01:37 PM
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How can I create the two shapes build use CGA rule ?
Like the two Pics:
Thanks very much!
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hi !

If you guarantee that the base is always square, then I'd use an asset. Much easier than to create the form in CGA. If you want it to work on other shapes, read on .. 🙂


The lower one is quite simple.

first, use a roof operation, then directly split that roof volume vertically

split(y) {'0.5 : RoofForm. | ~1 : NIL}

The first one is a little more complex and can only be created with recursive rules, but using the same concept.

There's an example of such a form in the Philadelphia Example, in the 'GIS-Driven Buildings.cga' rule. Track down the VaultRoof / DomeRoof.

They're using a certain number of recursions, using that number to determine the new angles at each step.

Let me know if you have more questions !

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It's very nice.
I'm a newuser of cityengine.
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