Hello, why the time CityEngine opening suddenly became very long? (Around an hour! Or more)

05-30-2016 07:24 AM
New Contributor III

Suddenly, there was one or two months for the same file, the opening time has become extravagant ...

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello Reit Sined

One hour to open CityEngine is extravagant, indeed.

When starting CityEngine the last scene is opened automatically.

  • May I ask, which part of opening takes so long?
  • Is there any progress bar or status message?
  • Which version of CityEngine are you using?
  • Does the startup time change, when opening an empty scene and restarting CityEngine?
  • In case it is a certain scene that takes so long to load, is there anything special about it? Is there a particularly big street network?

Your feedback on this matter is very much appreciated.

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Thank you for this answer. But suddenly, like magic, the time of opening CityEngine returned to normal. 2 or 3 minutes ... Good day

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