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Hello  all

I have been playing around on the free trail for a while now and am pleased with the software and what it can do. Hopefully I can     convince my company to buy the full version! I did have a question about how to attempt creating guardrails ( like what you see on the side of highways or roads with steep drop offs). All I have is point data of the location of the wood poles in the ground. The only idea that comes to my mind is creating a pole for each point and connecting each point with polygon creation tool... however this would be quite tedious. Is there a simpler way to do this?
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The existing street rules have guard rail code that is applied if the street is raised above the terrain. Latest version of street rules can be found in Redlands example here:

You could study that CGA rule to see how we do it using a street network to automatically place poles.

Or if you want to use your point data to exactly place the poles, then you'll need a way to connect them. You could, before importing to CE, connect these points, using a line. Then when importing this new non-closed shape, it will import as a network, rather than shape. At that point you could write a CGA rule that places poles at the nodes of the network, and rails on the segments. Check out the eletrical lines CGA in the Desert City project for an example that is very close to what you describe:

We'd love to hear more about the application - let us know how the guard rails go.

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