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05-14-2013 10:00 AM
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Hello I'm  working  on a project where I'm trying to show solar potential in city engine see below...

Arc globe

CE 2012.1

The original files has this information and is stored in a geo-database (gdb). It works in ARC GIS (Arc Globe) but not in CE.
Can you point me to any information on this or is this a feature that is not yet implemented.

Thanks Again.
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Hi !

If you embed the information in textures, you can port the information.

If it's just colorized polygons in ArcGlobe, that is not supported.

Let me know..

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by Anonymous User
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Original User: ncarrington

Thanks a lot Matt, yes it  was colored polygons. We found a quick work around using  ArcGIS > collada > 3dsmax> .obj > CE.
Avoiding that  part of the  .gdb. Look forward to seeing more native support in the  future  between  ArcGIS and CE.

Thanks for your reply.
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by Anonymous User
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Original User: matthiasbuehler

Hi !

You could also go ArcGIS > Collada > CE 😮

But be VERY cautious with georeferenced data ! Use a file format which handles the precision issues ( wobble effect ), e.g. use .kml.

Read this thread carefully :

Ok ?

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