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gdb file size

04-14-2015 05:13 AM
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I've generated a city model in CityEngine and i have to export it to gdb file.

the gdb models that i'm getting is very big size files.

When i'm trying to open it in ArcGlob it is taking a very long time and ii cant see all the data together because it is very havy for the computer to run the Database.

How can i reduce the gdb file size?



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by Anonymous User
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Are you using textures on the models? That can make for large GDB files.

What is the polygon count? (see in upper left corner of viewport)

You might try exporting to multiple GDBs, splitting into multiple files.

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I‘m generating a full city model (430 sq km) – the city contains many crowded buildings (the shape files contains 400000 features). I spited the files into smaller files (about 5 sq. km each) but it is still difficult to open few files of the area at once.

I’m using textures for the facades and roofs of the building and the polygon count is almost 400000.

The files size that I’m getting is about 594 GB

I can reduce the number of textures that I’m using but I’m not sure that it will help. I understood the gdb file saves every facade texture as different texture although it uses the same texture.

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