Exporting Terrain to KML / KMZ

07-19-2018 12:41 AM
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I'm exporting a model to KML to show clients on Google Earth.

The models are obviously exporting nice and easy.

I'd like to also export my terrain as its slightly amended from the existing one (roads, plots etc...) plus it has my coloured masterplan as texture on it so I can see all the zoning areas and other eye-candies - I'd really like to see all those in google-earth too if possible.

So is there any way one can export also terrain with its texture to a KML ? or some other workaround ?



p.s. I'm using CE 2017.0

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No, it is not possible to export terrain to KML or SLPK.  The export formats for terrain can be found here:

Exporting Terrains 

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