Exporting models with multipatch to web scene

12-21-2013 05:16 AM
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I have been unable to export a webscene correctly. The data includes some above ground elements and some multipatch pipes under the ground. I got errors every time I tried to export a scene with the pipes or open one I had uploaded.

Then, I changed the "exported content" setting from "export models if generatable, else import shapes" to "export generatable shapes". Now I don't get any errors and the web scene opens, but the underground multipatch pipes don't show up in the view, though they are in the sidebar.

Any ideas why the multipatch shapes are 'ungeneratable'?
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If you can generate the models in CityEngine, they are generatable. Models can only not be generated if :
a] No rule is assigned at all
b] No valid Start Rule is defined
c] If the CGA code contains errors.

Can it be that only the visibility is off in the WebScene or set so during export ?
Did you try with the newest WebViewer 3.0 already ?

Let me know ..

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