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06-16-2014 10:16 AM
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I would like to export my model (from CE) to a format which is supported by CityGML. Is there any way to do that straight from CE?
I studied about SDK. Could this help me somehow?
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As far as I understand, CityGML is a data format itself.

I recommend to use GDB, then bring this over to CityGML.

Note that the 3DCIM (ArcGIS for 3d cities, http://www.arcgis.com/home/group.html?owner=ArcGISTeam3DCities&title=ArcGIS%20for%203D%20Cities) will provide tools to losslessly port data between the 3DCIM and CityGML for the most important feature classes. But I'm not sure if this is still in development. But that'll be the way we go for.

Anyway, GDB is the way to go.

I hope that input helps.
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