Export KML to Google Earth and ArcGIS differences and errors

03-12-2012 01:36 AM
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Hi, I imported ArcGIS data (polygons and lines) into CityEngine. I then altered the shapes and geometries of the features to suite my project. Next I wanted to export the model shapes to a KML file so that I can view the alterations in ArcGlobe. When I exported the model shapes there is an option under misc options to correct 180degrees. If I choose to correct 180 degrees and export the kml, it is aligned perfectly with Google Earth. However the features for the same kml is rotated 180 degrees when I add it to ArcExplorer.

If I uncheck the Correct 180 degrees options, the kml is aligned perfectly in ArcExplorer but rotated 180 in Google Earth. WHy is this?

Also the kml does not want to open in ArcGlobe at all. It appears in the table of content but does not zoom to layer or becomes visible on the globe. Any ideas?


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best is to use the export presets at the very top of the exporter window, there's an arcMap and google Earth compatibility preset which automatically makes things correct for the two target platforms.

only the gods know why, but the two apps treat models differently, that's why we had to include that option. [weird, we know.]

does this help ?
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Hi matthias,

Sorry to bring this topic back up, but I too am having issues with projecting in to Google earth. I have exported my scene using the presets at the top, but when I open it in Google earth all the data seems to be off by around 20/30m. My City engine scene is currently in British National Grid, do I need to change it to WGS84 before adding my rule files and then export it as a KML file?