Export FBX DirtTexture  Problem!!!

11-18-2013 06:32 AM
by Anonymous User
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Original User: Oscargutierrezdiaz

Hi all!!
I am pleased to join to the comunity.

I have a question about exporting dirty  textures:
I was working in a detailed cga, and I aplied a texture tiled in channel 0, & a relative '1 '1 dirty chanel en channel 2.This is the code:

setupProjection(0, scope.xy, 3,3) set(material.colormap,WallMedianeraTexture ) projectUV(0)
setupProjection(2, scope.xy, '1,'1) set(material.dirtmap,getWallDirtTexture)  projectUV(2)

The 2 texture format are png, but i think this its irrelevant...

In cityengine all looks fine. It is how i want the model.
My problem begins when I want to export to other programs with FBX. The dirtmap was transformed in the same tiles of tiled colormap, & no to all facade.
Its a problem of internal FBX?? In collada (the other supported export format for dirtmaps) its the same thing....And other export format dont support dirtytextures I readed
I work whit 3dMax, but I try to import to other programs (Artlantis, Lumion, Unity...) & its the same


Other fast question:
why sometimes, some textures dont export adequately in the shapes model? (Ej: in a whindow texture apearsa a wall texture, cause the exporter dont collect the texture)
It colud be the embed textures opcion in FBX exported? Because when I uncheck this,  it seems all is fine
any idea?

sorry of my english 😉
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by Anonymous User
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Original User: Oscargutierrezdiaz

I dont know if this will resolve doubts or expand it to us...

I reproduce it in a simple cube. And the result surprised me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the 3dMax visor its wrong, but in the 3dMax render nots fine, but  its diferent!!!!!
Never seen it after!!!!!!!


Thank you very much if you try to solve this
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FBX is capable of storing 2 UV sets and storing both maps ( colormap and dirtmap ).

The question is how the target application interprets the FBX file.

so first, check the resulting UV sets very precisely.

if the UVs are different, maybe install Maya 2014 and check if the UVs are correct there.

Usually, I've seen that bringing over dirtmaps is very tricky.

Let me know.

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