Export City Engine Model as SVG to Illustrator

09-19-2016 11:19 AM
New Contributor II

Has anyone been able to accomplish this? I'm working on exporting a snapshot of a cityengine model, so that it can be annotated in Adobe Illustrator.

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Esri Regular Contributor

No, there is no export to SVG available.  You can take a screenshot of the viewport and save it in a raster graphics format (like png, jpg, tif) but not in a vector graphics format like svg.  You can import the raster graphics format into Illustrator too.  Click on the arrow next to the icon with the star in the Viewport's toolbar -> Save Snapshot.

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If your scene is pretty simple you can save a high res screenshot (quadruple you view resolution in the snapshot window or go even higher if you can) and live trace it in illustrator to get vectors.

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What kind of annotations are you looking to add? I do this all the time - and CLau-esristaff is right - either use a snapshot from CityEngine, or an export to a rendering program - either way place your raster image and label on top of it in Illustrator. You shouldn't need a vector image. You just need to make sure the resolution of your export is high enough to give you a nice image in illustrator - shoot for a minimum of 300dpi.