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I'm working on a city plan,so i imported the FGDB to CE.When i do this,CE is creating shapes automatically from center-line of the roads.If i dont allow this,i cannot assign a rule to them.

When i import a FGDB file,do i have to edit manually all the streets and city blocks to match with the edges of each other?...
But the point is that when i edit the roads and city blocks to match with the edges of each other,all data lose its original attributes.What is your suggestions?..


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1] The default behavior if you import line features is that CE creates (dynamic) streets.
2] You can only assign rules to shapes, not street graphs. CGA only works on shapes. So importing street center lines is basically a process to create shapes, for later use with CGA.
3] CityEngine 2013 will have a functionality to snap the street width to the neighboring footprints, so exactly the thing you need. But note that static shapes ( imported ones ) are not interacting with dynamic shapes ( streets, blocks, ..). So the area will not be filled, only the street will be made wider, but stay with mainly 'rectangular form'.

ok ?

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