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Dividing building into smaller, separate components?

06-12-2017 10:53 AM
New Contributor

Hi there,

I am trying to divide an extruded building volume into smaller, separate volumes approximating different apartments - in the simplest situation, I would like to divide the building into a stack of 3D cubes (say 3 by 3). Is this possible?

Thank you,


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Esri Regular Contributor

Yes, this should be possible using the split operation.  You can split an extruded volume in the x, y, and z directions.

split Operation 

For example, if you want to split into 3x3x3 volumes, you can do this:

height = 10
floor_height = rint(height/3)
apt_width = rint(
apt_depth = rint(

Lot -->
     split(y) { ~floor_height: split(x) { ~apt_width: split(z) { ~apt_depth: Apt. }* }* }*

If you want to split into cubes with equal length sides, then you can set the split size to be an exact number (don't use the ~ sign in front).

If you split into floors first and get the 2D floor footprint, you can use the splitArea operation to split into equal area parts (or into parts with specific area measurements).  Then, from the 2D apartment footprint, you can extrude to get the volume back.

splitArea Operation 

Other options for partitioning 2D space include: offset, setback, shapeL, shapeU, and shapeO.  Then, extrude the 2D footprint by the floor height to get the 3D volume.

offset Operation 

setback Operation 

shapeL, shapeU, shapeO operations