Divided Highways?

06-21-2021 03:24 PM
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Is it possible for me to draw divided highways in City Engine?

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Definitely, and there is probably more than one way to go about doing this.   

One, draw two lines and set them both to one-way pairs.  You might draw one line first, select the line and copy it for symmetry.  This method would work best if using on/off ramps.  This is probably the best way.  

Two, if your divided highway is very limited access and/or has rural crossing intersections , you could use one street and set the width to something really wide to accommodate all lanes and add a grass boulevard.   

You could also use the ESRI fence code in the sidewalks space to create different safety barriers.  

I would start with an existing code, some have a little freeway structure already like the complete streets code, and then see if you need more customization from there.