Different setback values for each edge of a lot

10-26-2017 10:52 PM
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Dear all,

I have lots with undefined number of edges, and one lot might have one or more adjacent streets. Those adjacent streets can have different number of lanes and I am trying to apply different setbacks to each edge of my lot according to the number of lanes on the street.

Streets with more lanes will result in larger setback and streets with less lanes in smaller setback.

I don't know how to give a different setback for each edge of the lot ?

Let's say that

edge 0 = setback(3)

edge 1 = setback(3)

edge 2 = setback(0)

edge 3 = setback(4)

edge 4 = setback(5)


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Sorry, unfortunately, this isn't possible.  In order to get a nice result, you'll need to specify a single setback operation that allows the specification of multiple setback distances for each edge, but this is currently not possible.  If you do sequential setbacks, you probably won't get what you want.  Here is an explanation in another post:


However, if you want to access the street width values for each edge you can do this.


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Thank you Cheryl for your answer and the links. I believe it should be a common request from urban designers, hopefully we'll be able to achieve multiple setbacks on a lot in a future version.

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