Deriving block parameters from landuse maps

03-07-2012 12:30 AM
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Is it possible to use a landuse map to set various block subdivision parameters? I have different landuse types in my city (e.g. residential, highrise, industrial) defined in a texture map but the block parameters for each landuse type need to be different. For example, the residential blocks need to be subdivided into smaller lots than the industrial lots. I'd like to use the landuse map to define how to subdivide the blocks rather than having to select them manually in CityEngine if possible.

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hi !

these two screenshots will make you happy ! 😉

please check all the colored details.

to drive the block subdivision lotAreMin and lotAreaMax, do not forget to connect them with the Connection Editor.

what this example shows is how you can :

- drive min max block subdivision areas
- drive street widths
- define street types based on width
- colorize buildings in CGA which are right next to a specific street type (highway)

ok ?
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