Datasmith export functionality missing

12-04-2018 05:43 AM
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Hi, after a new hard drive installation and new operating system (win10 Ent.) The Unreal datasmith export are missing from my knew CE installation. I've tried to reinstall and repair CE, but it still not on the list. Any ideas? I'm running Win10 64 bit...

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Esri Regular Contributor
  • Note that the Unreal exporter is only available on Windows.
  • To use the Unreal exporter in CityEngine, at least the Unreal Engine Launcher needs to be installed as a prerequisite.
  • To import a CityEngine scene into the Unreal Editor, it is recommended to use the "CityEngine Template Project" for Unreal which is available in your Unreal Vault if you are subscribed to Unreal Studio. This template contains master materials with shading networks that automatically connect CityEngine material attributes to Unreal materials (see Materials).

For more information please refer 

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