Cross-gabled roof with City Engine rules?

09-21-2018 07:29 AM
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On the bottom of the page <> you can see how to insert an edge into an existing roof to create a cross-gabled roof. Is it possible to achieve this with City Engine rules that can be used in Python in ArcGIS Pro with "Features from City Engine rules"?  Thanks

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You can create gable roofs (starting from a 2D footprint of the roof) using the roofGable() operation.  You can put a handle on the entire roof shape (volume, not ridge edge) to be able to change the height of roof.

roofGable Operation 

attr roof_height = 3

RoofFootprint -->
     roofGable(byHeight, roof_height)
RoofMass -->

To control the heights separately for the two parts of an L shaped footprint, you would need to break up the footprint into to parts so that each part could be assigned its own handle.

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