Creating urban block

10-23-2013 06:17 AM
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I intend to create a rule for a generic urban block. To do this i need to offset the initial shape first and then cut off the corners from offseted shape (see attachment). Is is possible to do such a split?
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this type of split is currently not possible, no.


but we have open ears for new CGA operations, of course. 🙂
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if you don't want the corners (I can't tell from your phrasing...)

Lot -->
comp(f){inside : NIL | border : Block}

Block -->

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Thanks for the idea, same thing already crossed my mind but i do need the corners asswell. You might get a more clear idea of what i am trying to doo from the images in the attachment.

The thing is that as loong as the corner angles are close to 90 degrees everything is fine, but once the angles get to big or too small i get some, lets say very unconventional results.

As far as i see it now, the only way to sove this is to cut off the corners in a way i described in my first email and split the remaining part into individual buildings.


Im very happy to hear that.
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