Creating unique cul-de-sac in CityEngine

08-19-2019 03:05 AM
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I am just wondering if there are other available cul-de-sac types for nodes at the end of the street in CityEngine, other than the typical roundabout one. If not, does anyone have experience creating unique cul-de-sac shapes with CGA rules in CityEngine. I attach an image down below showing what I am particularly looking for:

Appreciate if anyone can enlight me on this issue. Thank you.

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i think the built-in options do not allow for that. However, you can manually model the cul-de-sac halfing the lane's width and offsetting the split roads by half of a lane's width: So if your street width is 7 and your lane width is 3.5. build the roundabout roads with a street width of 1.75 and offset them by 1.75 to align with the incoming street. 

I hope this helps!

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