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05-20-2015 01:15 AM
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I`m having problems creating a network graph that should be very clean ( without errors).

You can see the streets here :,26.0705483,359a,20y,70.5h,52.11t/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=ro

I tried importing a line feature class and somehow edit it and also to digitize manually inside CityEngine using Polygonal Street Creation tool but I`m still not able to create a clean graph on which to apply, for example, the modern streets rule...

Could someone help me or give me some hints on how to proceed on this?



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I have had this problem before as well.  While I cant offer professional advice, I would suggest a few things.

1. Use OSM street data if you have it for that area. It is free to download and it works great in my projects.

2nd..  Download the "Complete_Streets" project from ArcGIS online.  It has rules inside with a lot more options for editing street models.  It also has a pretty good parking lot rule.

3rd.  Be sure and adjust the "Shape_Parameters" in your inspector window as well as the adjustments that the rule offers.  Sometimes , I have found, that the rule adjustments (such as lane widths, medians, etc...) wont behave correctly without first adjusting the shape parameters in the tab above the rule adjustments in the inspector window.

Usually, the first step I take is to click the small nodes (little dots) in the network and move them around so that the streets line up perfectly to imagery before I even assign a rule file to the network shapes.

Hope this helps, and good luck.

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Thank you!! I will try and let you know about

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