CityEngine Wind Flow Analysis

02-02-2021 03:02 AM
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Hi Dear Community,

I am new here, so I have to find my way first...

I am doing my Thesis now and I want to do an pollutant Emissions Analysis in 3D Citys. I was thinking about to include a wind flow which seems to be important in this case of course.

So my question would be, is there any tool or option in ArcGis CityEngine or ArcGIS Pro to do some Wind flow analysis and visualize it?

ArcGIS Pro 2.4.0

Thanks forward!



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You could create the City in CityEngine for sure.  Just get the map data for buildings and terrain.  Find a template CGA code for buildings.   Generate the code on the buildings.   You can make and adjust the procedurally generated buildings to be the approximate height of the actual building.   Done.   

For wind analysis, that is not something I can think of a way to do in CityEngine.   However, CityEngine has many export features and you might be able to export to another program that can do fluid/gas physics simulations.   I would personally explore the game engines Unreal Engine and Unity, as game engines have the tools to program physics calculations.   I imagine it wouldn't be easy though unless you can find an existing "blueprint" that someone has shared or some C++ code.   If you know how to do the math for wind analysis, setting up a blueprint might not be so bad, as all you will have to learn are the blueprint tools.  Unreal Engine is robust and visual and learning blueprints was easier than I though, for the things I have needed.  Nothing as complex as a wind analysis though. 

Good luck!  Share your progress.

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Hey Brian,

thank you so much for your assessment...

The thing is, as I said, I am on my thesis now, and i haven´t worked with ArcGIS so much yet...

So in the beginning it is always a little bit difficult, when you are thrown in the middle of the ocean...

But i practice, and thats why I ask you guys as experts...haha

I will share my progress...

Thanks a lot!!!

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