CityEngine webscene error: Invalid Web Scene (3ws) data AssertException: leaf card materials must have a map

10-07-2016 08:51 AM
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When creating a web scene of trees from the Plants library in CityEngine, I get this error when viewing the scene locally. It only happens when exporting the "model' trees with both material and texture. Other models "Fan" and "analytical", versions show up fine. It works if the 'model' trees are exported with NO material an No texture. The polygons for the leaves show but just as gray/white squares.. see attach picture. I have viewed each of the library models with Maya and they show up fine with their green leaves mapped. I reduced the no. of trees in the scene and I get the same results. Maybe the log helps. I don't see much in it that I can understand to troubleshoot. It looks like it is is related to the mapping of the material or texture, but cannot find the problem to correct it.

Thanks in advance


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