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11-05-2015 08:01 PM
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these posts are really old but I have just started learning City engine and I have faced same problem, hope someone would check up here.

I am trying to create the Redlands project from the tutorials. I managed to bring the terrain and the aerial projection on it but when dragging the .OSM file I get the error "The data is located too far from
the current scene's contents. Either edit the (geo-)location of the data, choose an adequate projection, or import it into a new empty CityEngine scene."

I have tried importing them in different scenes and they are really in two different locations. I also suspecting the scale of OSM being very different, but I'm not sure.

I have tried downscaling the terrain as suggested but it is not working.

I would appreciate any guidance


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Hi Sheida.

If the terrain and the OSM data are in two different locations, then they won't import into the same CityEngine scene.  The coordinate system of the CE scene is set when importing the first data.  Then, CE will try to convert any other subsequently imported data into that coordinate system.  If the data (the OSM data) is too far away from the first dataset (the terrain), the import will not work.  For example, if you import terrain data from Redlands, California, then importing OSM building data from Europe will not work.  The data needs to be geographically close to each other for the import to work.

I looked at the "Example Redlands Redevelopment" example and could not find an OSM file.  In this example, importing the terrain (DTM.tif) followed by the building data (RedlandsFinal.gdb) worked fine for me.  Could you please specify the name of the example you are using?

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