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CityEngine Stormy water effect

01-10-2022 01:40 AM
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Hello. I've seen a few people talk about 3D waves in CityEngine,  however I've also seen about the waves being stormy and was wondering how to do it/what I'm doing wrong? 

Is there a way to change the parameters of the waves speed and height?  

I have attached the rule file that I have tried to use, Can someone please Help? 

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Hi @Cicada28 

Typically waves are done in game engine/ rendering programs like Unreal Engine, Unity, etc. using complex material/shader techniques.  The code you have shown is simply a 2D texture file (name).  CityEngine does not do animation or complex shading.   It is a procedural 3D content creation program.

If you are interested in making waves, start learning a game engine>  here is a interesting thing to learn for you:


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Brian is correct. I do think though you can strategically tag generated materials for intake into those rendering systems/game engines in CityEngine. Material replacement is something that software like TwinMotion makes really easy if you can search by tag.  

David Wasserman, AICP
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In addition to Brian and David, for advanced visualization you need to plan ahead and prepare/download materials in your game engine like Unreal Engine, and they you can reference those materials in CGA. It is little bit more involved but worth the effort.

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