CityEngine sdk in Unity 5+

06-23-2017 01:16 AM
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I realize the Unity plugin at is deprecated, but I'm interested to hear if anyone has been able to get it working in Unity 5+ regardless, and if so, could you share your solution?



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Hi Kasper,

from what I've heard you're actually right. I'm not aware that somebody has specifically worked on this recently that would be able to share their work as it's low-level C++ code.

Cheers from the vrbn office,

Johnny Fehr

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I am not a developer but I do have an interest in getting CityEngine content in Unity (and other game engines). My intention is not to develop/replace SDK but to automate some workflows.

Workflow I am interested in testing and developing is an automation of processing assets from CityEngine (FBX is favourite for now) to create specific items like terrains, materials, collision meshes, prefabs, etc and then building a scene. That is first stage of automation. Then I would like to replace assets like trees, street lights, people, cars, etc with game optimized assets for optimization and visualization. Images below are from test scenes done as manual process to identify the issues. 

Unity example

Unity scene

UnrealEngine example


For Unity editor scripting would be sufficient for those tasks. This something to get started and see how far we can get.

David Wasserman Geoff Taylor