CityEngine export to LumenRT: Terrain as obj? Proxy for trees?

06-28-2018 08:56 AM
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I am trying to export a scene from CityEngine 2016.1 to LumenRT using the Bentley LumenRT Connect Edition exporter. This usually works well, but this time the scene is quite large and I am running in some problems.

1. I read that it is better to convert CE terrains to OBJ and re-import them in CE and export them as models for performances reasons. However, how can I ensure the georeferencing of these OBJ files? The centering does not seem to work (I have multiple terrains because of the size of the scene).

2. Is there any other way to gain performance during the export? I read about setting proxies for trees (I have points features that are modelled as realistic trees) and re-export to the same LumenRT scene (hence splitting the issue), but these seems to be developped more for SketchUp and I couldn't use them.

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