CityEngine batch export models to WebScene error

04-30-2013 12:13 PM
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I am receiving an error when attempting to Export Models to a WebScene.  The error message has been attached.  The 3ws model is not generated due to the error.

When inspecting the log files I found the following errors (7 shape errors out of 52952 shapes total):
         8535: ERROR (ALL SHAPES EMPTY):  ...CityEngine\Project\models\Project_ShapesProject_Building_Heights_2012_Shape_8528.3ws

After searching for the string "error" within the layer log files only the above layer indicated any errors.

What would be the best way to resolve this issue?  Is there a way I can export the .3ws file without these shapes?

Thanks for any insight on this issue,

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Hi Cary,

Sometimes, errors occur which have no influence in the exported file, so this could be multiple things.

Maybe try tracking down one by one which elements cause this error of coming up.

E.g. just export a street, a building, .. until you can reproduce the issue on 1 specific shape .. ok ?

Let me know ..

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