can street generation rules take corridor-width from (different) shp layer?

03-19-2015 02:30 PM
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hi, I have a city model in shp format (Layer1) where streets and lots are available as shapes.  In another layer (Layer2) I have the street segments.

I want to use the segments to generate the streets myself and take the width from the corridor as it shows in the shp layer.

This way I can augment the detail level and properly define texture space (I hope).

  • Is there a way to do this and how do I script this?

I have a road-divider layer (Layer3 with line segments). 

  • Can I use the attributes from these segments in the rule that builds the streets?

I'm new to CE and experimenting with the trial until I understand it better.

Many thanks,


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Hi Erwin

long time no see : )

I recommend to experiment with the following functionalities:

  • Menu -> Graph -> Fit Widths to Shapes (calculates the width of segments so that they touch the lots nearby.
  • Assigning the street rules in the Esri.lib to dynamic shapes (=from segments). This shows the texture coordinate possibilities.
  • In the Inspector, you can click on the small icon left to the entry field of each parameter/attribute to link values to attributes from other layers. Once done, select the layer in the Scene Editor, and then look at the Inspector. There you can see the code for linking the attribute. If needed, you could change this code (e.g. for formulas etc)...

Hope that helps